Author William Collins

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William Collins spent most of his working years within the corporate atmosphere in positions where skilled written communications was an absolute necessity.  Letters, memos, and email were his tools of trade.  The need to be concise, accurate, genial, and effective was paramount.  With communication and writing basics gained early on in high school, Collins’ success in that arena was all but assured.  Now retired, as a professional singer, he frequently entertains at adult communities.  He is also a competitive racquetball player, logging five to six hours on the court each week.  His primary passion now, however, is writing.  Those interoffice memos and email of old were the basic training behind this collection.

William Collins

Since 2015 when his first book of short stories was published, Collins published a second in early 2022, The Bishop’s Mission, a science fiction tale that asks the burning question, “Are we alone?” Bishop Arthur E. Bachman puts in motion all the actions needed to seek out other civilizations in order to ask that and other profound questions. He and his cadre of experts on spiritual matters, along with the technical guidance from space exploration expert, Dr. Elizabeth Stuart, eventually found a way to complete his mission. The subsequent results of their efforts were surprising and mysterious.

As of this writing (August 2022), Collins’ third book will soon be published, Aaron and Maria – A Love Story. It is a sequel to The Bishop’s Mission and promises to capture the true nature of genuine love as well as to offer examples of the almost lost art of expressing love both conversationally and via the written word. Aaron and Maria is valid science fiction, but it’s heart is realistic and believable.