Reviews Net Shopper/May 26, 2015 (Format: Paperback) Quick Reads with a welcome take away in every story
“Just as the Subtitle suggests – Quick Reads for Busy People. Take it along on your next business trip or vacation. Read it on the plane, read a story every night before you sleep, read it on the beach. Enjoy.”


Amazon Customer/June 30, 2015 (Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase) As advertised, a great ‘waiting room’ book
“This book is exactly as advertised. If you’re like me and enjoy books that you can pick up, go to any page, and begin reading for a short time, this is a perfect selection. The stories are varied and interesting with, as it says in the title, topics to think about. I’d recommend getting the hard copy rather than the eBook so that it can be browsed in a random fashion. I take books like this when I expect to be in a waiting room (doctor’s office, car repair, etc…). I expect this will be added to my book selections for when I have a limited and/or unspecified amount of time to read.”

………. Anonymous
“Excellent short stories! I’m typically not a huge fan of short stories, but this book is exceptionally well-written and very engaging. It contains a very eclectic assortment of short stories on varied subjects, but what makes it so good is that they are thought-provoking, controversial, profound, teasing and challenging of conventional ideology. Some contain subtle innuendo and meaning, while others boldly question the fabric of relationships, religion, politics and other minutiae of daily life. The author displays a quick wit and a desire to leave the reader wanting more – which he accomplished fully in my case!”

Facebook Comment, Kay: I read and finished “The Bishop’s Mission” in two sittings…Friday evening and yesterday evening! Wow! Great Read! The genre is not usually my reading preference…but, that earlier “Dandelion” mention piqued my interest! Thoroughly enjoyed your Bishop’s vision and mission for the “Church!” Your words flow easily…your prose profound…your explanations succinct…your leap into the future interesting and thought provoking! I enjoyed every chapter from start to finish!! Bravo! And, that “Dandelion” reference was brilliant!! Again, Bravo!!

Facebook Comment, Ken: I really enjoyed it. [The Bishop’s Mission] Despite being an atheist , I am still intrigued by religion and it’s influences on society.  While I am fully aware of all of the technologies in the book ( I am a voracious reader of science and nature articles) , I enjoyed how they were presented in the story. Your writing style is very fluid and descriptive.  I read it in one sitting.  Honestly, I wish it were a full novel, and feel it would make a great movie. The characters were developed well given the size of the book, but you could do so much more with them. It had a “Contact” vibe to it ( one of my favorite movies).  I really enjoyed it.

Facebook Comment, Kay: “Aaron and Maria”…Just beyond anything I could imagine and beyond everything that I expected! First page pulls one in and holds one tight with awe and anticipation until last page is turned! Mr. Collins’ story telling gift and future worldly imagination are just phenomenal! Epic 3rd book! Brilliant! Brilliant! Congratulations!