Trump 2024

Change the rules…

For those of you who want Trump to be your next POTUS, consider this.  He will treat his election as his mandate to do whatever he wants.  He will change the rules and laws to suit his purposes.  And his followers will tag along like the sheep they claim the rest of us are.

And for you locals, if you think people in authority don’t change rules to suit their purposes, several years ago the Borough of Pottstown Council changed the rules to accommodate their desire to hire Justin Keller as Borough Manager.  At the time, the Borough Manager was required by rule to live within the Borough.  The Council changed the ordinance and then hired Keller who didn’t want to relocate since he had recently acquired a new residence outside of the Borough.  I’ve got nothing against Keller or the Council.  It’s just a reminder.

October 2022 – William Collins